2014 Mother’s Day Honorees

2014 Mother’s Day Honorees

Below are names submitted as part of Lucy’s Hearth’s Mother’s Day Gift Drive. To learn how to place your Mother’s Day honoree on this list, please click here. The Mother’s Day Gift Drive is a project of the Friends of Lucy’s Hearth.

In Memory of:

Jean Murray DeAngelis

Marie Allana  Barylick

Leslie Popkin

Helen “Betsy” Peirce Prince

Cathleen Shavro

Gina Williams

Peggy Russell

Edna Boretti

Harriet Reeves

Betty Farrington

Bridget “Bridie” Brown

Helen Andrews

Edith LaPane

Aryyrd Caminis

Marie Kirsch Schilling from Susan Erstling

Nancy Leiter Clagett

Ellen F. Dennet

Myra Taylor from Joseph and Julia Trovarelli

Alice Williams

Helen Chadwick from Sara Chadwick


In Honor of:

Tilda Maceroni

Anna R. Croft  & Mary Machtley from Kati Machtley

Peg Bierden from James Bierden

Diance C. Coffey from Elizabeth Coffey-Behan






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