2015 Mother’s Day Honorees

We are pleased to present the following people who are being honored through a donation to the 2015 Mother’s Day Appeal.  The Mother’s Day Appeal is a project of the Friends of Lucy’s Hearth.

In Memory of:

Anne R. Littlehale Grinnell

Dorothea Elliot Hamilton

Ellen Dennett

Jeannette Magnan

Edna Boretti

Florence McCanna

Helen Chadwick

Marie Kirsch Schilling from Susan Erstling

In Honor of:

Elizabeth Atlee Trainor

Jane Hunt

Janet Shea

Janet McCarthy

Peg Bierden

Courtney Weir from David Sklarz & Lisa Gladding

Ilene Silverman


Liz Bollard

Rachel Cocroft

Paul Callahan

Susan McCoy

Barbara L. Nash

Edward P. Gosling

Glenn and Kirstie Gardiner

Francine Clark

Malcolm Farmer III

Winkle Kelly

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