2017 Mother’s Day Honorees

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2017 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Susan Agresta

Viola Badwey

Anna Bulk

Helen Chadwick honored by Sara Chadwick

Nancy Leiter Clagett

Dorothy Norcott Fletcher honored by Maryellen Goode

Deceased Member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians honored by the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Marie Kirsch Schilling honored by Susan Erstling

Cathleen Sharro honored by Liz Bollard

Madeleine West Thompson honored by Tillie Thompson

In Honor of:

Jane P. Connerton

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcolm Farmer III

Mary Louise Hug honored by Stephen Louis Hug

Sarah Vanderveer Lui

Betty Mello honored by Ian and Jennifer Barrera

Ella Murphy

Mrs. Edward Nicoletti honored by Sheila M Lash

Susan Weiss

Anne Wells honored by Katie Wells


Campaign Supporters:

Big Blue Bug Solutions

Mr and Mrs. Curtis W. Magee

Martha Ullman

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