2018 Mother’s Day Campaign honorees are announced

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2018 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Susan Agresta

Anita T. Bartlett

Mary A. Burcroff

Helen Chadwick

Mary Heffernan

Dorothy D. Jones

Rose E. Lavallee

Mary Machtley

Marie Puerini

Jeffrey Robert Quinn honored by Norma Quinn

Marie Kirsch Schilling honored by Susan M. Erstling

Cathleen Shavro

In Honor of:

Nicole Bartlett

Jane Connerton

Anna Croft

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcolm Farmer III

Semia Gorman honored by Mark Gorman

Leslie McCalla honored by Allyson McCalla

Betty Mello honored by Ian and Jennifer Barrera

Carmella Murphy

Valerie Peterson

Elizabeth Robinson

Marie Robinson

Margaret Russell

Campaign Supporters:

Ida’s Restaurant

Suzanne Moskal

Ms. Pauline Moye

Betty Rudd

A special thank you to all additional donors who contributed to our Mother’s Day Campaign and opted not to post their name on our website. 

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