2019 Mother’s Day Appeal is underway – Honoring and Remembering these Special Women!

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2019 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Madeleine Chapdelaine

Pinky Clark remembered by Lisa Cafferty

Wendy Miller

Jeanne Pachico

Lucienne Pelletier remembered by Phyllis Pelletier

Rita Perreault remembered by Phyllis Pelletier

Kathleen Rodrigues remembered by Ida’s Restaurant

Marie Kirsch Schilling remembered by Susan Erstling

Cathleen Shavro

Charlotte Stafford


In Honor of:

Susan Agresta

Loni Bader honored by Suzi Van Ness

Peg Bierden

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcom Farmer III

Semia A. Gorman honored by Anne and Mark Gorman

Betty Mello honored by Jenn and Ian Barrera

Kathryn Menge

Ella Murphy

Melissa Polson

Suzy Harrington Steppen

Adele Vandenburgh honored by Heather Hall

Joan Walker

Susan Weiss honored by Jonathan Leviss

A special thank you to all additional donors who contributed to our Mother’s Day Campaign and opted not to post their name on the website. 

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