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Celebrate Mom…. Now More Than Ever

Mothers deserve our praise and admiration…
Now more than ever

Today, when we share a special concern for the health and well-being of our community, we are deeply thankful to all mothers for the protection and care they never stop giving to their families. For the mothers who seek shelter and new hope for the future at Lucy’s Hearth, we again pledge our full resources and impassioned support in their courageous efforts to move forward.  

This contagion has been a tremendous challenge for all of us — but remember that hope can be contagious, too! We’re not conducting our usual Mothers’ Day appeal this year, but if you’d like to make a donation in any amount, we’d certainly be honored by your gesture.

Since the beginning of March, we have offered that support to more than 50 people, 40% of whom are children. Three new families were able to join us during this period, meaning they now have a home to sleep in instead of a car. 

While the coronavirus is not stopping or slowing our efforts, it has led to some changes we want to make you, a member of our network of concerned donors, volunteers and partners, aware of:

First, our case managers now communicate with each family remotely either by phone or Zoom teleconference. This allows us to make sure that their behavioral health needs are being met and to submit their housing applications without delay. Case managers are also providing help with applications for food assistance, medical insurance and other vital programs. 

Second, we are diligently ‘social distancing’ by closing common areas and encouraging families to use the outdoor playground instead. Face masks are being worn by staff and have been issued to all residents. Within the apartments, families can prepare their own meals using the appliances and cookware provided. Staff and residents are also sanitizing both inside and outside the units, together with assistance from professional cleaners. 

Third, all residents and staff are receiving daily temperature checks. Should any symptoms of COVID-19 be discovered, the protocols established by the Rhode Island Department of Health will be promptly followed. We also actively participate in daily phone meetings with the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless so we stay informed of any new developments which could impact the residents we serve here at Lucy’s Hearth.

Last but certainly not least, our team has created a wonderful website of children’s activities that offers positive messages and ideas for things to do at home. The site also includes links for help with homework and other useful and entertaining tools. Visit the site here.

I thank you all for your continued support and understanding.


Kelly A. Lee

Lucy’s Hearth – Executive Director 

P.S. A final thought. If you’d like to make a gift to Lucy’s in your mother’s name, let us know by providing her name and address on the donation form and we’ll send a letter of acknowledgement to notify her of this gift.

Save the Date! 8th Annual Fall For Lucy’s Hearth

Save the date

2019 Mother’s Day Appeal is underway – Honoring and Remembering these Special Women!

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2019 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Madeleine Chapdelaine

Pinky Clark remembered by Lisa Cafferty

Wendy Miller

Jeanne Pachico

Lucienne Pelletier remembered by Phyllis Pelletier

Rita Perreault remembered by Phyllis Pelletier

Kathleen Rodrigues remembered by Ida’s Restaurant

Marie Kirsch Schilling remembered by Susan Erstling

Cathleen Shavro

Charlotte Stafford


In Honor of:

Susan Agresta

Loni Bader honored by Suzi Van Ness

Peg Bierden

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcom Farmer III

Semia A. Gorman honored by Anne and Mark Gorman

Betty Mello honored by Jenn and Ian Barrera

Kathryn Menge

Ella Murphy

Melissa Polson

Suzy Harrington Steppen

Adele Vandenburgh honored by Heather Hall

Joan Walker

Susan Weiss honored by Jonathan Leviss

A special thank you to all additional donors who contributed to our Mother’s Day Campaign and opted not to post their name on the website. 

Save the Date!

2018 Mother’s Day Campaign honorees are announced

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2018 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Susan Agresta

Anita T. Bartlett

Mary A. Burcroff

Helen Chadwick

Mary Heffernan

Dorothy D. Jones

Rose E. Lavallee

Mary Machtley

Marie Puerini

Jeffrey Robert Quinn honored by Norma Quinn

Marie Kirsch Schilling honored by Susan M. Erstling

Cathleen Shavro

In Honor of:

Nicole Bartlett

Jane Connerton

Anna Croft

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcolm Farmer III

Semia Gorman honored by Mark Gorman

Leslie McCalla honored by Allyson McCalla

Betty Mello honored by Ian and Jennifer Barrera

Carmella Murphy

Valerie Peterson

Elizabeth Robinson

Marie Robinson

Margaret Russell

Campaign Supporters:

Ida’s Restaurant

Suzanne Moskal

Ms. Pauline Moye

Betty Rudd

A special thank you to all additional donors who contributed to our Mother’s Day Campaign and opted not to post their name on our website. 

Frosty Freez 5K benefits Lucy’s Hearth


On Sunday, September 24th,  hundreds of Aquidneck Island runners and Frosty Freeze patrons gathered at Sachuest Beach in Middletown for the 2nd Annual Frosty Freeze Family Fun 5k and Kiddle Cone Run.  The proceeds to benefit the Multiple Myeloma Research Fund and Lucy’s Hearth.  We joined the runners and folks from Frosty Freez for the event and want to give them all a big THANK YOU for their support!  WE LOVE FROSTY FREEZ!

Sip and Shop at J.McLaughlin Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for a ‘Sip and Shop Event’ to benefit Lucy’s Hearth!

Click here for more information

2017 Mother’s Day Honorees

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2017 Mother’s Day Campaign

In Memory of:

Susan Agresta

Viola Badwey

Anna Bulk

Helen Chadwick honored by Sara Chadwick

Nancy Leiter Clagett

Dorothy Norcott Fletcher honored by Maryellen Goode

Deceased Member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians honored by the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Marie Kirsch Schilling honored by Susan Erstling

Cathleen Sharro honored by Liz Bollard

Madeleine West Thompson honored by Tillie Thompson

In Honor of:

Jane P. Connerton

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcolm Farmer III

Mary Louise Hug honored by Stephen Louis Hug

Sarah Vanderveer Lui

Betty Mello honored by Ian and Jennifer Barrera

Ella Murphy

Mrs. Edward Nicoletti honored by Sheila M Lash

Susan Weiss

Anne Wells honored by Katie Wells


Campaign Supporters:

Big Blue Bug Solutions

Mr and Mrs. Curtis W. Magee

Martha Ullman

Be a Part of our Team!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team click here.  The Human Resources Department at our affiliate Family Service of Rhode Island assists us with recruiting.



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