Mother’s Day 2016

Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to honor the following women through our 2016 Mother’s Day Appeal.

In Memory of:

Helen Chadwick honored by Sara Chadwick
Elizabeth O. Palmer Little
Marie Kirsch Schilling honored by Susan Erstling
Rose Martino
Peggy honored by Rachel Cocroft
Dorothy Favano
Nancy Leiter Clagett honored by Juliette C. McLennan
Mrs. Thomas F. Roche
Norma Basinger Leblanc
Diana A. Campagna
Joanne K. Woodland
Susan Weiss

In Honor of:

Stephanie Farmer honored by Malcolm Farmer
Semia Gorman
Esther Martin
Emily Flaherty honored by Maureen Kerrigan
Jane Becker
Dr. Edyth Malin
Teresa Stritzinger
Virginia McMillian honored by Cynthia and David Jaqua
Chris Gleason
Lorilyne Pinkerton
Myrna George
Barbara B. Campbell
Betty Mello honored by Ian and Jennifer Barrera
Ann R. Croft honored by Kati Machtley
Mary Machtley honored by Kati Machtley
Sue Klau honored by James Klau
Jane Connerton

Marion Pierce
Patrick Burke


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