Programs + Services

Programs + Services

Lucy’s Hearth has a wide variety of programs and services including:

Our Emergency Shelter Program is located at 913 West Main Road, in Middletown, Rhode Island.  Ten mothers and their children may be accommodated at any one time in the ten bedrooms, which include beds, a bureau, a sink and vanity, and a closet.  The families share use of a kitchen, television room, dining room, playground, bathrooms and a learning center. More

Transitional Apartment Program Lucy’s Hearth has apartments in various Newport County locations. The program assists mothers and their children to overcome barriers to living on their own. More

Permanent Apartment Program Lucy’s Hearth provides permanent subsidized housing through the “RhodeHome” program from Rhode Island Housing. These apartments are available for Lucy’s Hearth residents who require long-term stabilization services. More

Outreach and Aftercare Program Lucy’s Hearth is committed to ensuring its residents avoid future homelessness. More

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